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The Vermont Gas & Steam Engine Association, Inc. is the oldest, continually operating engine association in the state of Vermont.  Our association members strive to carry on the traditions found in the Vermont of years gone by.  Our members' show displays demonstrate  the coming of the machine age to farms, business enterprises, and households in  Vermont.

These relatively simple engines made an astounding impact on the lives of everyone in this country.  Farmers went from hand-milking their cattle to the use of milking machines.  Housewives changed from scrubbing clothes on a wash-board in a tub to using washing machines.  Lumbering went from the use of hand-saws and axes to the use of engine-powered drag saws.  Life was still difficult and a tremendous amount of manual labor was still involved in these types of chores, but these engines made quite a difference in peoples' lives.  This was actually the beginning of the concept of "leisure time" ... and all because of these noisy engines.

Our goal is to share our knowledge of this era of history and keep it alive for generations to come.